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this "free trial" is a scam. no doubt. do not order from them. they will charge you only the shipping cost for the trial period - which is 14 days, but they send 30 days worth of product - impossible to get gains from ANY supplement in that time. upon trying to call and email to cancel the subscription during the trial period, they ignore you and do not actually do anything to cancel. the customer service rep told me it was cancelled when I called on the 7th day, but then about a week later, after the 14 day trial period, I was charged $89.95 for each product. I called to complain and the CS rep told me that they actually only charge you the shipping just to TRY the product, but you must still pay for the product. which, does not meet the standards of a "free trial" at all!!! I argued for about 10 minutes before asking for a supervisor, who said the same thing. they would not refund my charges because it was part of their trial fees. so in all actuality, there is no free trial, you pay shipping up front, then pay for the product after 14 days. after arguing another 20minutes with the supervisor, I explicitly declined any further services and demanded the account be cancelled in full. about 10 minutes after hanging up, I got two emails detailing my cancellation. well lo and behold, a month later, two new charges in my account for 89.95 each!!! now I was furious. another 20 minutes on hold with customer service and I talked to another supervisor, finally they agreed to refund the charges and ensured my account was cancelled. two weeks goes by, no refund. two more weeks go by, two new charges!!! OMG. so now I've been charged over $530 for 6 bottles of this *** that does NOT work at all. after another round of calls, and more promises of cancellation and refunds, and more weeks of waiting... I still have not had ANY refunds, but now I've not had any new charges or shipments. so, these guys have a sure fire racket going on and they don't seem to have any remorse. for the love of god, do NOT order these products. you'll be sorry in more ways than you can imagine!!!

however, if you were a poor soul that is getting ripped off from these guys, here's their contact information if you can find it yet...

customer service: 888-504-4395

xripped email:

tcomplex email:

good luck guys. save yourself the headache and pass on this trial offer!!!

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss return, exchange or cancellation policy of ripped muscle x free trial and associated monetary loss in the amount of $540. Ripped Muscle X needs to issue a full refund according to poster's claims.

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