I am what I would consider a savvy consumer yet I had my credit card out and was actually filling in my information until the "negative experience" lobe of my brain took control of my fingers and I stopped typing and grabbed the mouse. I had to read the fine print to learn that what they were going to charge each month to my credit card (if I signed up for both promoted products) was nearly 200 dollars unless I intervened and cancelled!

I looked for the ingredients list to see what kind of gold formula they were using but ended up having to search the internet for that info. It's just Creatine - a very old supplement that has become dirt cheap over the years! If you buy both products, they do offer some other ingredients but nothing of any kind of value for the money they are charging.

That was when I found this site (pissed consumer) and learned the truth by reading all of the unfavorable reviews. It all began when I was on an internet news page called The Gateway Pundit and was lured in by a picture of someone's shredded back at the bottom of the page and decided to click.

It took me to what looked like a legitimate magazine called "Health Lifestyles Online". I looked for the "advertisement" in bold letters warning the reader that this whole page is just that - an advertisement. It's not there.

The article looks and reads like a news publication for men's health and wellness with a dashboard just like a large website dedicated to many different subjects. At the top of the page my attention was immediately drawn to the words "Special Report: Jake Gyllenhaal’s Shocking Body Makeover — See Ripped Abs" with the subtitle "This report was created by Men's Health Life to expose the truth behind celebrity diets."

I read the article which slowly morphed into a captivating collection of before and after pics of average men who became ripped and rippled supermen all in only 4 weeks!

The most insulting part of the whole scam is that they have a fake Discus comment board at the bottom of the page with very favorable comments from many different people. Go figure. But when I clicked the "sign in" button to leave a comment, it took me directly to the ordering page!

It seems that these companies are becoming bolder and bolder (no mandatory "advertisement" at the top of page, fake, unusable comment page with fake comments) and it seems the sky is the limit for these schiesters who will do ANYTHING to get you to give them your information. HIDE YOUR CREDIT CARD!

This reviewer shared experience about poor customer service and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). The author is overall dissatisfied with Ripped Muscle X. Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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I was ripped off by this company and over 200 was taken from my account! Don't know how a company like this can go around scamming people! All I have to say is bad karma!


I order both products. As soon as I read the reviews I called my bank and told them to deactivate my credit card and send me a new one.

Cannot trust them!! I payed that 7.00 dollar shipping and thats it!

They not going to overcharge my credit for bull ***!! I little sad about it because it looked good!!

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